Water Divination

Receiving water divination is a great way to get clarity and answers to some of the most challenging questions you’ve always had. The common thread I find that comes up for people is the purpose for which you were sent here and how to get in alignment with that purpose (if you’re not already). Water Divination connects you to your ancestors, and the world of spirit to bring about healing and transformation.

During the Divination, you maybe-given rituals (which is nothing but a series of activities involving actions, gestures, or words) to complete. Sometimes this is done in order to heal or produce a desired effect or result. Each water divination is different, and like nature, there is no one size fits all because each individual and their expression is different. To schedule a time for an in-person or online Water Divination, please complete the process below, or if you want to learn more about Divination, you can click on the Divination Demystified article.

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Look forward to future sessions with him!

I received a Water Divination from Seun, and was floored by the reading. Seun was able to provide answers to the questions that I had with accuracy and insight. He clearly connected with my Guides and Ancestors, to bring through the information that I needed. Seun was very down to earth and receptive, and the water divination process was beautiful and fascinating. I look forward to future sessions with him!

Its an experience not to be forgotten!

My Divination with Seun was an incredible journey filled with the magic of the Otherworld! It offered splendid surprises, revelatory depth and detailed guidance. Seun skillfully navigates you through a world where his spirit ally’s eagerly await and are ready to play! Its an experience not to be forgotten

I cannot wait to go back for more

I would liken sitting in divination with Seun to the beautiful sensation of going down a rabbit hole into the other world. He was not only able to see into my soul and its essence, but also offered such insightful guidance as to how to navigate the obstacles in my own map of my life that I could not yet decipher. The council I received regarding everything from my family life to my own medicine was immensely supportive and I am still in awe of the journey we took together. I cannot wait to go back for more.

Feeling a newfound confidence

Today I had a divination experience with Seun. I would like to say prior to meeting Seun, I had no idea or could not fathom the idea behind what he does. After he told me about what he does I decided to take him up on the offer of getting a water divination. After entering his space and sitting in a comfortable room I briefly spoke about some of my concerns and issues I was having in life. Seun was able to tell me detailed things about my life that I did not previously tell him. I left the divination feeling a newfound confidence. If you have never experienced anything like this before or think it is silly sit down and give it a try. The water divination will most likely change your experience and open your eyes to possibilities you haven’t imagined before.