We are like a computer, and our thoughts are the code to how the machine is programmed. We need to know that we are constantly creating our reality and life through our thoughts, whether they’re conscious or unconscious. Our universe is a mental one, and universal laws continuously govern us. Many universal laws govern our reality, but we will only be covering one for this post’s purpose. (I will cover all the laws in full detail at a later date”) “The law of Mentalism” states that all is one mind. Our thoughts are constantly creating the perception of what we are experiencing. We are a projection of consciousness and the one mind. Everything it’s able to do, so are we. Our lives, in a way, are a total this and our thoughts. THE LAW OF MENTALISM IS INESCAPABLE.

The quickest way to change your outside reality is to change your inner world first. Everything that happens in our lives results from repeated and collected thoughts and feelings; this is because the law of mentalism is always in effect. Doing a quick experiment, notice everything in orange (or a color of your choice) in a room, and then write down what you recollect. Now try to recall everything that’s in blue; most likely, you won’t be able to remember much that’s in blue because the focus of your reality is what you were looking for, which is the orange color and items. The same holds for our lives. What we get out of life and a given experience depends on our mental state and what we focus on. When we have a positive mindset and focus on our inner world, we can create more of what we want and need in the outer world. And when we work with ancestors and our spiritual guidance, this is then magnified.

Just like some people know and utilize the law of mentalism daily to achieve their desired reality and outcome, so do the governments and shadow governments of the world. We are in a mental age where everything is speeding up, and our relationship with the center of our galaxy is deepening and shaking our spiritual core; hence things become more instantaneous, and we don’t experience as many time lags for something to happen from the mental and spiritual planes into the physical. Those who don’t want humanity to wake up recognize the importance of controlling our minds and thoughts through tv programming, news, social media, propaganda, and, most notably fear. Fear is the drug the media peddles. When you can control someone’s neuropathic patterns to be able to influence them subliminally, you can continue to wield the levers of power because people are too busy with fear to notice anything else. Those in power know this, which is why it’s essential to be vigilant in what you give your attention and mental focus to because you’re constantly creating.

The law of mentalism is not about just thinking positive thoughts all the time, although that’s part of it, but training your mind and becoming aware and responsible for your mental energy. Knowing and practicing the multiple components of the law, such as being aware and mindful of your thoughts by setting your intention, understanding that a disciplined and enlightened mind can break you out of the matrix of reality, and attain deeper states of consciousness. Your intention is like a beacon to program the field of consciousness that is constantly creating. The field of consciousness is the one mind to which you are a part and always have access. I cannot stress enough how important it is to always set our intention for what we want, whether it’s how we want the day to go or the outcome of what we want from a situation intention allows us to communicate with the universe and program our consciousness field.

We are in a mental age, and there is a deliberate and intentional warfare by the elites and those in the media to suppress people’s consciousness, mind and dumb down the population. These things are very real, and hiding and pretending they’re not will not make them go away. We must fortify our minds daily through meditation, holding our frequency, prayer, and mental training of watching and controlling our thoughts.