Show some Kindness

South Africa has been a bit of confliction for me since I arrived here a couple of days ago. Two hours before landing I found myself intuitively in my heart space sending love and holding space. I found the sporadic-ness of the event quite odd in the sense that it just kept amplifying and all my awareness at that moment went to that one thing. At the same time, the healer and shaman in me found it exhilarating. It wasn’t until I landed that I understood why I intuitively went into my heart space. The energies of separation, fear, apartheid, racism, violence, and anger were dense in the air. I found myself almost in grief, crying internally for all that still weighs heavy on the land and in the heart of the people that live here.

Although many things are happening on a frequential level, I find the people of South Africa to be kind and inviting. Arriving at the airport my phone was almost dead, and the Uber and Taxify app were not cooperating. I met a young woman in one of the airport restaurants who helped me get a taxi with her Taxify app.  She helped me ordered the cab, walked me outside to show me where they were and then waited with me for about fifteen minutes because we couldn’t find the driver. All the while her mom was waiting on the other side of the airport to pick her up. The kindness she showed me touched me deeply, and I want to say thank you wherever you are. It is a reminder that we as humans are responsible for one another. If you want more love in the world give it if you want to see more kindness and compassion show it and teach it, whether it’s in a smile or helping someone that you wouldn’t otherwise support. Take a chance and be a positive influence in the world today. What do we have to lose? It’s often the little things that we don’t think too much of that can make the most significant impact.