Have you ever met someone, and it feels like you have known that person for a lifetime, although you’ve just met? The connection feels like a memory in your bones, familiar yet unfamiliar. The two of you instantly become friends, business partners, lovers, or any other labels you see fit to put on it. The relationship blossoms over a short period, seemingly feeling like that person will be in your life forever like nothing will ever change the relationship.

Sometimes people come into our lives in a great and promising way where it feels like they are there to stay. Often, we get caught up in the dramatic theater of our lives that plays out in this magnetic push and pull scenario that we miss life’s point. Life and experience have taught me that multidimensional pieces and karmic objectives are at play when we meet people in such fashion where the prime directive of healing and other purposes are at the forefront.

I have repeatedly attracted people like this in my life. Before, I used to take it very personally when they leave out of the blue or when the relationship ends or is coming to an end. I had an unhealthy level of attachment to people when they came into my life in this matter. I guarantee you that when this happens, and the relationship (whether it’s a friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, romantic partnership, whatever it may be) ends abruptly, you shouldn’t take it personally. That person was there only for a season, and their part in your life is complete. I know, easier said than done, but when you start to understand the spirit and how it all works, you see it from a completely different angle.

During these magically charged encounters, we are often playing out events that are related to “past” (I put past in quotes because there’s really no such thing as past lives because everything in the universe is happening simultaneously and in the now) and parallel lives along with other multidimensional aspects of ourselves that are calling for our attention when these people come into our frequential space. I’ve learned to not have any attachments to people who come into my life in this manner because it allows me to see the healing objective and purpose as to why they are there that much clearer.

When I can see the objective and purpose as to why they are there, I can get more out of the relationship and not project any of my stuff onto the other person. Healing and being of service is one of the main reasons we are here as a collective, so it is vital to be vigilant as to the nature of the relationships that come into our lives and the prime directive put in place regarding those relationships. When I say prime directive, I mean precisely that. There is a primary objective that certain relationships and people in our lives are there to remind us of or to help accomplish. This usually helps us towards our life’s path and purpose. Sometimes these experiences are easy and pleasant, and other times it’s painful and hellish. However, the level of it is determinant of our ability to be conscious of our choices and the experience in the moment.