You might have heard me mention on multiple occasions about forces with vested interests in controlling humanity and keeping us at our lowest frequencies or vibration. I wrote about my experience with these forces in “Ayahuasca my First Experience” and “Ayahuasca my Second Experience.” Feel free to check those two posts out at any moment. I have known about the theory that reality is a matrix for a while, but I’ve never really applied or studied it in great detail until I started my shamanic training. It is sometimes hard to wrap our heads around the theory or fact of our reality being a matrix (or illusion). This is documented by Michael Talbot in his book “Holographic Universe” and bought to the mainstream by more popular scientists like Elon Musk. Shamans and those who study the spiritual sciences have longed held the wisdom about the universe’s holographic nature. Knowing and applying this fact, some shamans know how to bend reality to their will; it might sound science fiction, but the deep magic of reality and its holographic nature are tied in together (that’s my theory anyway).

This matrix is controlled by understanding and knowing how the spiritual and energetic dimensions which are responsible for how we see it in the physical world works. The people in power understand this and use rituals and their knowledge of this to control us without us realizing that we are participating in rituals with an objective to control and manipulate the minds of the masses (Most of all creation is non-physical, and our physical universes barely make up 3 to 5 percent of everything). Keep all of this in mind as it’s going to be important for what we need to discuss later. 

Humans are one of the few beings in creation that have and experience what we call LOVE. Love is one of those things in all of creation that can’t be quantified or put in a box. Some beings and entities are curious (say the least) about us, our potential for great compassion and love. Some of these beings or entities are good, and others want nothing more than to enslave us and turn us into mechanistic androids. These negative beings have more of a hive mind. The truth is some of these negative entities feed on our fear, so we are like cattle to them. The Christian Bible refers to some of these beings as the Archons (fallen angels type entities). The more they can keep humanity asleep, enslaved through fear and ignorance, the more they eat and gain power. I say all this because it’s essential to recognize the mechanisms of control that’s designed to keep us in fear, separated, and down in lower frequencies. The vibrations of our planet are shifting, too many people are waking up at once, and the propagators of fear are worried about the return of the ancestral connection, the old gods, humanity’s role in the galaxy, the age of Aquarius, the reawakening of the African Spirit and what all this means for humanity.

Everything we see with the coronavirus, social distancing, which is an oxymoron within itself (because how can you be social and distant at the same time?) is a psyop, a tool of conditioning for something more to come (one-world government and police state) and spiritual warfare designed to keep you in fear, separated and confused so your energies can be fed upon. We are being deceived and lied to on many levels. The best thing you can do for yourself at this time is to detach from the mechanisms by which you are being controlled the news, social media, the phone. It is time to reconnect with God (not the God or image of God that somebody else gave you but the true God of your heart), nature, the trees, your ancestors, GO WITHIN. It is only through the inner technology that we can change the outer. I am not saying don’t get pertinent information from the news but be selective about your news sources, the amount of time you engage in social media, and other platforms. Again, it’s all meant to keep you distracted from NATURE, the power that’s within. Our universe is mental, controlled by the ONE MIND, and when you learn how to tap into that, you will be able to walk a level of purpose and power you haven’t yet. 

We must take the time to cultivate our inner technology and purpose. It took me years to figure out my purpose and how I want to accomplish that purpose. I had to devote time daily to being still, meditating, and creating a relationship with myself and those otherworldly forces that helped me get to the breadcrumbs of information spirit were leaving me regarding my purpose. Meaning it didn’t happen overnight. Take this time of the Corona pandemic to refocus, recenter, and connect to that ancient primordial wisdom within. 

Fifteen minutes a day is a good start if you are a beginner or lack the required mental focus. Use 5 minutes to talk to your ancestors and talk to them, like speaking to someone physically present with you, even if you feel like it’s silly. Let them know what you need in the physical, or how you experience your physical reality. This time is crucial for developing the relationship. You can do it while you’re still in bed in the morning. Use another 5 to 10 minutes to pray or meditate. Meditation and prayer are critical because they help us train the mind while concentrating and energetic frequencies to a targeted area.