Following our inner compass is necessary but never the easiest thing to do, especially when the obstacles that test our commitment and resolve to what we desire show up. I have learned that walking the path of purpose is never easy.  You will be tested repeatedly by the spirit and the ancestors to make sure that what you say you want and the promises you made before coming into this life are upheld. And trust me, life is full of tests and adversity. But when we finally decide to live and walk our purpose and live life for something greater than ourselves, miraculous things begin to unfold.

Taking that initial first step to living your purpose is one of the biggest hurdles. There are many doubts and fears that pop up, saying, “I won’t be able to do this,” “it’s too big; who am I to change the world or live this big.” The best thing to do about those doubts is to ignore the shit out of them. Life is short, and it goes by in a blink of an eye. If not you, then who, and if not now, then when? We must take a risk and walk with a mustard seed’s faith to accomplish that which we dare dream. We must take this leap because the thought or desire that has been put in our heart have been placed there by God and the Ancestors. If the burning expression were not possible for you to do, it would not have been sparked within you. As human beings, we must genuinely remember that every thought and desire fueled by our purpose comes from the flames of God and ancestors.

The first step is listening to our internal compass/God/ancestors/spirit/intuition and trusting that it will guide us towards the direction of our life’s path. Part of the first step is figuring out what that burning desire you want to give to the world. It could be a business idea, a spiritual path, a YouTube channel, or working within your community. Whatever it may be, you must give yourself the time to listen and sort through the different images, ideas, or feelings you have about it. After knowing what it is, create a plan that synchronizes your plan with universal mind. I usually do this through meditation, affirming prayer, or divination, where I simply ask if my strategy or direction is in line with the universal mind or the ancestors and if I get a yes, great if not, I ask, “what do I need to change or focus on.” The answer that comes to you is usually always the first instinct you get; trust it, it’s your guidance and God speaking.

My second step is what I find to be the hardest because it requires the most consistency and concentration, and for someone like me who can be an avid procrastinator, it’s tough. I find that creating a daily ritual or routine where you work on the idea is best. Whether you only have 2 or 10 hours a week to devote to it, it is crucial to set aside that time because, like anything else, you will only get what you put in. If you are serious about the purpose your ancestors have sent you here for, then you have to be willing to commit and devote the time to it to honor them, yourself, and everyone you are meant to touch and inspire while you’re here on this planet in this time.

Life is never random nor coincidental. Our consciousness level and lack of belief in otherworldly forces sometimes give us the convoluted perception that some things are random. But I’ve done this work long enough to know better. We must provide those spiritual forces supporting us to work on our behalf and support us in accomplishing our mission and moving through life.

Human life is a complicated fragility. There are many forces at play in our lives and world that we can’t see with the usual five senses. Some of these forces are good, and some not so good, like everything else in the universe has to be balanced. Our lives are one of those things that are always in the flux of maintaining harmony. I’ve learned that everything we do matters, even “THE MISTAKES” we think we made; our purpose and interaction with one another matter. It is our job and responsibility as the human to take the grace of our purpose seriously. I leave you with this, it would have never been given to you if it was too big for you to handle, so take a risk, breath through the adversity and walk the path of purpose, knowing that you are being carried on the back of the Ancestors.