In the West African country of Burkina Faso, amongst the Dagara tribes, mythos and culture are beings known as the Kontomble. They have been around since time immemorial. The Kontomble have helped the Dagara, and all of humanity deepen their connection with Spirit and each other. Some call them elemental beings and see them as part of nature. I see them as interdimensional beings that are part of the Earth and beyond. The Kontomble are not just known to the Dagara, but they are also known to the Italians who call them le fate. The people of Fiji call them The Veli. The Veli are described as having hair dawning to their waste and eyes that glow like fire. The Yoruba also have a name for them, but I am not sure what it is. I remember hearing stories of similar beings like the Kontomble when I was little from my grandmother. Just like human beings, they have different races and “cultures” within themselves. There are shamans and medicine people that have worked with the Kontomble and their counterparts for centuries. 

Studying with my teacher and having friends who do Kontomble divinations and channelings, I have been quite familiar with these little people for some time. I’ve heard how people imitate and bring through their voices in channelings, but I never thought I’d experience in the physical dimension or get to meet a physical form Kontomble. In my recent trip to Burkina Faso, I got an opportunity to experience one of these little people.

 We began the journey by walking up a muddied narrow road. The mountain landscape was beaming with life, filled with greening shrubs, luscious trees, and boisterous goats. The energy of the mountain was crisp and clear. The people living there were joyful and humble farmers going about their daily routines. We were accompanied by several shamans that know the secrets of the Kotonmble and the access points to their otherworldly realms. A small group of us began the trek up the mountain. We passed ancient trees with massive trunks whose stories only nature would understand. The rocks along the way were bursting with a lifeforce that entrances the body. Seeing and working with beings from another dimension isn’t just what means the eye (If I am explaining that right). There is an energetic frequency one must acquire and meet to utilize the senses when working with these beings. Some people are only able to use one of their senses, like sight or hearing. Others can utilize higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience, along with the other five senses simultaneously. 

The trek up the mountain was long and exhaustive, some of us made it faster than others, but we made it to our destination without error. The shamans gave us a history of the mountain, the portals, and which gate led where. The mountain air was crisp and full of magic, leading to the pulsating excitement within my heart. The shamans began the ritual by calling out to the Kontomble. “Kontomble,” the shaman called out loud; suddenly there was a loud sound of a door opening within the mountain (the funny part is the sound came from within the air. You could not pinpoint it other than to think it came from within the mountain itself and not the cave). The conversation between them was like that of friends just having a casual chatter. The being’s voice was a tiny, small pitched sound.

Although I couldn’t understand the conversation, the shaman understood the Kontomble just fine (My analyzer brain didn’t kick in at this time, so the experience didn’t too trip me out, it all seemed natural and normal to me regardless of the grandiosity of the mystical phenomenon that was taking place). The shaman asked the Kontomble “if the group could meet him,” which the Kontomble replied, “Give me one minute to confer with the others regarding your question and your intention of why you are here, and I’ll be right back, then we heard a sound in thin like a door closing. I couldn’t understand the Kontomble, so everything was being translated by the shaman. A couple of minutes later, the little being returned with approval for what we can do, what he would like to bless us with, and the offering we will have to give. We were told that we would all have to give an offering of money (am not going to disclose the amount), and we would then be blessed by sacred water from their spring.

 I was a little perplexed as to what the Kontomble’s would want with earthly physical currency. Still, after thinking about it, it made perfect sense because money is an energy exchange, and all currency is energy and offering from your heart. It’s not about the physical money but about the vehicle of what it holds and its intention. With that aside, I was welcomed to go up to where the portal is. I skootched down and gave the Kotomble my money. I did as I was instructed, gave him my money; in turn, he splashed me with two small sprinkles of water, one went on my body and the other in my eye. His hand was tiny, rough, and a little fury (At that moment, I still couldn’t analyze the experience; I just stayed with the moment trying to take it all in). And just as it quickly began, it quickly ended. Afterward, my analyzer and rational mind kicked in. My mind tried to find angles to debunk or refute the experience because, after all, experiences like this are more uncommon than typical, or at least this is what we would like to think in Western society. My mind was racing, “did all that happen? Did I touch the hand of an interdimensional being and got sprayed with water that was not from this world”? “There has to be a trick to it somehow, maybe someone was hiding in the cave the whole time,” I thought to myself. It all seemed impossible to my mind, yet it all happened, and IT WAS REAL. The MAGIC IS REAL. 

This experience has etched into my mind since the moment it happened. To witness something like this forever changes your outlook and perspective on life, nature, and the great power of the cosmos, of God. It has helped me refocus and ask once again the question of humanity’s relationship and responsibility with nature and God. Furthermore, it has also helped to know that we don’t have to be afraid or think that these beings or other beings and entities are separate from us, like most of nature and creator spirit, we are here to be of service to one another. I hope in reading this post, it has touched a part of you in some way for the better and opens you to magical possibilities of all life.