Earth Ritual and Meditation

A ritual is a set of repeated activities, actions, or words performed in a unique way to bring about the desired result. Something as simple as brushing our teeth can be considered ritualistic. We do it daily and repeatedly for a desired effect (not to have bad breath or gum disease). It can be something simple or complex. Every dominant religion from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, and Buddhism all observe certain rituals to purify the spirit, rituals relating to death and funerals, and weddings, just to name a few. In indigenous communities, life revolves around ritual. The belief is that ritual is a way to connect to God, nature, and ancestors while deepening one’s bond with the community. The essence of ritual brings forth the unseen and other dimensional aspects.

One ritual I will like to share with you is a mini earth ritual. You can do this ritual/meditation at night or during the day, but I suggest to do it at night. This specific ritual, coupled with meditation, will allow you to reconnect while centering with mother earth.

Sit outside in a chair with your back and spine straight. Before you begin, do an invocation/prayer to God, your ancestors, and the earth mother to guide you. Make sure your feet are touching the grass or soil. Use soil or mud to cover your entire feet with up to your ankles. With your eyes closed, bring your awareness and focus on the earth that touches and covers your feet. Notice how the (try not to judge what your feeling) sensation feels, the temperature, and so on. Now bring your awareness to your breath, generally breathing at first, with each breath allowing yourself to go deeper in the breath. With your imagination, imagine yourself sinking into the feeling of the soil or mud. Feel the mud/soil removing things from your body, leaving through your feet, and going down into the earth. Keep your attention on your breathing. The deeper your breath gets feel your self sinking and connect to mother earth with your heart. This meditation/ritual can be anywhere from 15 mins to hours.