When I began writing or thinking about this blog post, I intend to inform people, especially Africans, about Divination. We have such a colonized mind and perspective of how we see ourselves, culture, and the world. Who are we without the Eurocentric consciousness that has been forced upon us?  Everything that our ancestors believe we’ve accepted as bad, evil, or just superstition. What happens when we strip away this Eurocentric perception and return to that of the indigenous? These are all the things I want you to think about as you read this post.

We cannot talk about indigenous communities and the wisdom they bring to the world without hitting on the subject of Divination. Divination is the “practice of determining the hidden significance or cause of events, sometimes foretelling the future through various natural, psychological, and other techniques. I will add to that definition that Divination is a tool that allows one to access levels of information and knowledge from other-worldly sources and God.

 There are different types of Divination. Some that you might be familiar with are tarot and astrology readings; some are simple in their structure and design, and some are more complex. In indigenous communities, the role of a diviner is a healer. It is someone that can give prescriptions to ailments regardless of the source. The Diviner is a bridge between this world and the other to relate information from the ancestors and beyond.

 Diviners can be stated as possessing psychic capabilities but with a deeper understanding of the spiritual elements that are associated with the human. The reality of the matter is that everything is energy and information; everything has a frequency in which it vibrates and exists. Every human can become sensitive to different frequencies. It’s just that some people are born a little more sensitive to the field of information and energy that can be accessed at any time. Governments around the world have been known to use psychics and diviners in specific government programs. I know, and I’ve heard of shamans and Diviners that work with different government officials in particular capacities. Programs such as “Project Stargate” used psychics and people with ESP to spy on the soviets (the U.S. government declassified these documents in 2017). A diviner (like a psychic) is more aware of being sensitive and can, at a young age, see things that “aren’t there.” In some extreme cases, Diviners can develop schizophrenia ( occurs when the person isn’t balanced and need some intervention to balance their energies so they may become of service to the community). If you want to learn more about schizophrenia and the healers’ connection, you should look into the work of Malidoma Some. Most diviners use a catalyst or object to focus their energies or intention so they can access the frequencies they want to get the information that is need for the client. Some diviners use tarot cards, others cowrie shells, tea leaves, animal bones, water, etc. The object is sort of like the physical representation of their ability. It coincides with the frequencies they work with and sometimes their cosmic representation or self.