This post is a continuation of the blog article(“Before The Dawn Part I“) I posted on the 29th of November. If you haven’t read that piece, please do so; it will give you more context. I had my first Ayahuasca experience a few years back. This started me on the path of remembering and learning the world’s true history. Much of our history has been tampered with or manipulated in some way. It seems that part of the visions I underwent this time around was a continuation of that process years ago. I received a vision about the Catholic Church. In the vision, I saw the Catholic Church and its origins. They arrived on this planet eons ago (I am trying to clarify the time frame of their arrival). They kept telling me they are Luciferians, and this message kept repeating in my head. I felt the immeasurable pain they’ve caused on the planet. The pain kept going through my body like a wave, taking me through the experience of loss and what mother earth has been experiencing. At that moment, I wept and mourned. My body trembled for the people that died because of the Church’s thirst for conquest. 

They showed me how intermingled the Church, Nasa, and the Nazi agendas are. It’s like a triangle where each plan depends on the other to achieve the goal. In my vision, it felt like this particular group (the Church) aims to be the priests of humanity at all costs, with or without our approval. They’ve spent thousands of years twisting a doctrine that isn’t theirs. They are part of the Babylonian system and takeover that some elders and ancestors have spoken to me about. It’s like they have humanity under a kind of spell or hypnosis that has lasted thousands of years. Most people have zero clue who these people actually are and how much they control our world. It’s like when you tell someone the Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys when in reality, you won’t ever publicly see the people they serve. There is always someone pulling the strings, and the Catholic Church (the leaders and upper echelon) is one of the groups. 

In part one, I discussed the LGBTQ agenda and some of the physical reasoning behind that, but there is also a profoundly ritualistic element. I have always asked myself why they are targeting the kids? Why are the media and mainstream focused on sexualizing kids? The answer goes back to what I speak a lot about RITUAL. Our world is ritualistic, and the sexualization and gender-changing narrative, too, is a ritual. By rapidly changing the sexuality of the children and over-sexualizing them, they can tap into the frequencies of the children and absorb it; Some how when the confusion or sexualization of the child happens, it leaves them vulnerable to be attached by certain draconian and lower density beings. These beings then steal and eat the children’s energies. They use this energy to maintain their form in this dimension and to keep further “order” (I use this term loosely).

I explain the above paragraph because I want the reader to grasp and understand what we are dealing with. We cannot look at what’s happening in our world at just surface level. There is a battle happening for our very lives, and we have HELP from the other world.

During my Ayahausca ceremony, I was greeted by the Babalawos of Ile Ife in Nigeria. I remember speaking loudly, “Ile Ife ni” (in Yoruba, this means the house of Ile Ife or the “house of love”). Ife means to love, and they reminded me that they are from the home of LOVE. The authenticity and purpose of their medicine are unity and knowing the creator through LOVE. Keep in mind am a Yoruba man who’s been raised in the US and knows only a bit about the Ifa tradition. The Babalawos showed me this little house and a particular door that led inside. They told me they are from Ile Ife. Immediately when they spoke, I felt an unforgettable wave of unconditional love and high frequency that felt like it was resounding from within me. 

The Babalawos began singing praises and telling me things that I am not allowed to share here. But one thing is sure; they have been watching us and holding us in love for a long time. These Babalawos reminded me of Bodhisattvas. Some of them could have ascended and left this universe a while ago, but they seem to be waiting and helping us. They have so much love and belief in humanity and the goodness that we carry. I was so overwhelmed by their love and presence that my tears were like an uncontrollable faucet of water. I not only felt their love but their sacrifice for humanity, their selflessness, and their discipline. Strongly, they reminded me that I must commit to my medicine and some of the challenges yet to come. The Babalawos prayed for me, blessed me, and said their goodbyes. Meeting the Babalawos is an experience and blessing I will never forget. It opened me up to so much about my culture I am still uncovering.

I know now what must be done and the next level of my medicine. I told my brother about the vision of meeting these elders and Babalawos from Ile Ife and what he said blew my mind. “You know Ile Ife is a real place; it’s in Oshun State in Nigeria. Ile Ife is the birthplace of Yoruba mythology and culture,” my brother said. I was awestruck; I mean, I’ve had visions that I couldn’t confirm before and just had to wait and see things play themselves out, but this was an immediate confirmation.

 After the vision with the Babalawos, I was greeted by these beings that I can only deduce are Orishas. They were all male, wearing all white. These beings or Orishas were in perfect harmony with all that is; there was no dark or light; they just were. It is PERFECT HARMONY. From my understanding, they seem to have mastered the light and darkness within themselves and are now something different, something my mind couldn’t quite grasp. But I didn’t need to understand it or them; I know they are whole, complete, and in perfect harmony with nature and all that is. They shared some things with me that were only for me, and then as quickly as they appeared, they promptly vanished. 

If I have learned anything from this trip, it’s this; We ARE NOT ALONE. We are on a journey of uniting with ourselves and the wisdom of the origin. We must return to the mother’s womb guided by the propeller of the spirits. There are powerful forces bent upon stopping humanity from reaching the dawn. There are also parallel forces helping us see the dawn. I was told by the ascended masters that “Before the Dawn,” there are always forces of adversity attempting their last effort at a take over because they know their eventual downfall is at hand. Remember to be mindful of energies and what you give your power and mind to. There are powerful forces of protection and LOVE around us to assist in whatever way we need them.