I recently returned from my second trip to Peru. Peru is known for its various plant medicines, particularly Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is sacred, and you must prepare your body and mind if you want to get everything the medicine gives fully. On my recent trip, much was shown and given to me to share with the world. The ancestors, ascended masters, and others are with us and are supporting us through these turbulent times and period of Awakening. I realize that some of this information will be tough (you’ve been warned). It will shake some people and might be scary, but it is THE TRUTH beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it NEEDS TO BE KNOWN BY THE WORLD. Once upon a time, it would have taken me almost a year to come to terms with my visions, but I have learned to let go of the attachments I have of being labeled crazy, weird, and etc.

Much of the world is still being controlled by the Nazis, and we are currently in a Fourth Reich sort of speak. When Nazi Germany fell, most of its top officers, scientists, and people infiltrated governments worldwide, specifically the American government and hierarchy. These people and entities have been working to turn America into what the Nazi German empire was supposed to be and are succeeding. Before we go any further, I want the reader to understand that the origin of the people behind the Nazis are not human. They are different malevolent (and lower density) alien groups bent on the enslavement and destruction of humanity to turn us from loving compassionate beings to emotionless slaves.

One of the first visions I received is that the manipulation and misdirection of the masses are being done through The flag of equality and the LGBTQ community. The rainbow flag is the first layer in the vision, meaning it’s the public face that everybody sees. But the underlayer of it is the Nazis controlling the narrative and the energy of the organization and the public face to further their agenda. There is a deliberate attempt to switch the gender roles and break up the family unit, and the feminist movement, women’s rights, BLM, and other movements are being used as a platform (stepping stone) for their plan. The goal is to use equality to silence and control what people can and cannot say to the point where people will self-censor; the intention is to erode civil liberties and human freedoms.

These movements sometimes occur naturally with good intentions but are often hijacked or co-oped through various means to create distinct narratives. There is an energetic and very spiritual component tied to all this. We have to understand that most of the manipulation that occurs in the world is to harvest and then misdirect your energy into something else. This is a SPIRITUAL and ENERGETIC world first. Everything we see (whether we understand it or not) is usually done to maintain an energetic upper hand because that controls the reality we experience.

There is a misdirect and subtle programming they are using that utilizes The rainbow flag and EQUALITY to silence people and control them. For instance, if I disagree that children should undergo gender reassignment operations because they have not developed the mental and spiritual understanding and capacity to understand themselves or sexuality fully, then there is this push and narrative by the mainstream to make me out as ignorant or a bad person, this creates further division and labeling. The manipulation and energy harvesting come into play when the division is being created.
When people get emotionally charged by fear, they create lower density frequencies that leave them vulnerable to being controlled and manipulated by the lower-density beings that run our world. In a way, our lower vibrations are like food to them, and they thrive from it, which is why there is a constant need to keep the world in fear because fearful people are not living from love and therefore can be easily fed narratives that repeat the cycle and continue the harvesting of your energy.

I love my gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, Queer brothers and sisters, and I believe in their right to love who they want, that is of mature age and sound mind. Still, it is also apparent that an agenda is being pushed using gay rights to perpetuate silence, conformity, and obedience. Equality is and going to be the pretext to which there is a mass acceptance towards child molestation, rape, and removal of civil liberties. Once this is done, they will start telling the truth about some of the secret space programs they are using to traffick human kids and some of the involved agencies such as Nasa and others. We have to be extremely mindful of what we accept and the things we are being coaxed into accepting. If we don’t wake up now to the subtle controls and manipulations by the time we realize what’s happening, it will BE TOO LATE. Humanity, at that point, will be a twisted ideal of its original creational intent.

There is always a misdirect to justify atrocities and this game that’s being played—for example, the Israel and Palestine conflict. Suppose one says anything against Israel (no matter how small the critique. When did it become okay not to be able to criticize something or someone you find spiritually and morally bankrupt and corrupt?). In that case, you are automatically anti-Semitic, you need to be canceled, and the full weight of the Israel lobby is coming for you. The trickery is very subtle, and you have to pay attention to catch it because it’s almost turning everything upside down. The goal is to make what was once morally incomprehensibly wrong to the human psyche now the right thing. Again when you go back and study the history of Nazi Germany, the Nazis didn’t just come into power all of a sudden, they took advantage of poor and starving people and manipulated them into accepting atrocities and things once considered morally bankrupt.

Humanity has to understand that we are not alone, we’ve never been alone, there are more than billions of dimensions and planets filled with life across the universe. The Nazis are not alone when it comes to this plan. They have partnered with other alien groups that are here. Some arrived earlier than them, masking themselves to be humanity’s religious saviors, and have spent centuries cultivating and accumulating power. But what they’ve underestimated and failed to understand is mother earth and the power which she wields. The mother, ancestors and ancient ones will not let us fall. Stay tuned for part II