Ayahuasca My Second Experience

If you have not read about my first night’s experience during the Ayahuasca ceremony, I suggest you do so as the second ceremony builds on the first. I woke up feeling guilty about the role I played in the past life I was shown and confused as to why my soul would choose to have that experience and engage in that level of damage, manipulation, and destruction. What I am learning is that the soul does not care about the label we choose to place on the experience. The truth is we’ve all had past and present lives where we’ve been the oppressor, oppressed, victimizer or victim. Furthermore, the soul participates in these experiences to grow, get all the different perspectives, and allow the lessons to be in the highest servitude of the collective consciousness it is choosing to experience at the time.

During the day, I did my best to process the revelation from the previous night. It is my mantra that life is the dancer, and we are the dance. In certain moments we have to learn how to surrender and let life take control. I wrestled with the question of why and how. I had to surrender control of understanding.

During a group session with the shaman and facilitator, we called individually to share our experiences. When I began recalling my knowledge, all eyes were on me. I seemed to have garnered everyone’s attention and interests. Some people were stunned by what I described and others not so much. What I found more interesting is the shaman didn’t seem to be surprised one bit as to my description of the powers behind the scenes, as if he already knew the truth of our world.

It was time for the ceremony to begin, and I found myself a bit anxious this time around. I couldn’t help but wonder what I was going to experience and whether the visions will continue from the previous night or if they will go a different direction. Regardless, I knew mother ayahuasca was in control, and she will show me whatever I need to see. The facilitator called me up to take my plant dosage. This time around, I decided to take two doses of the ayahuasca brew instead of one. I wanted to have a deepening and lengthier experience. After taking the mixture, I made my way back to my mat. I am not going to share the length of the experience to maintain the authenticity and sacredness of what I received. Some of the information is for me alone and am still trying to wrap my head around it till today.

 Like the previous day, the Ayahuasca took a little bit of time to kick in, although faster than the last day. Ten minutes in, I began feeling nauseous, light-headed and started purging. I purged a little longer this time around; it could have been due to the two doses I took, am not sure. As the music began, my vision became blurry, my body weakened, and the room started fading away. I could tell I needed to lay down as the gears of the process took hold. Unlike the prior night, I didn’t have glimpses of a vision before I passed out. On the mat, my body felt stiff, but unlike the first ceremony, I could move some limbs of my body.

Once again, I was seeing mandala’s folding and unfolding into each other and pulling my consciousness further and deeper into them—the background of my view filled with grids and lines moving yet not moving. As I traveled through the grids, there were giant Egyptian gods with animal faces alongside me. The god that stood out the most had the face of a hawk or jackal I couldn’t remember/tell. Then the visions started as if continuing from the night before. The faces of the shadowy group of men waved across my consciousness, coupled with music and more images of entities with glowing green eyes flashed across my field of vision. More and more, I kept seeing pictures of events that happened throughout history, shooting across my consciousness as if I was watching multiple movie screens at once.

The visions intensified, pictures of multiple alien entities that came to our planet thousands of years ago flooded my consciousness. One of the strange beings were humanoid but had a squid-like facial appearance. Upon seeing this, I was also receiving information from an internal source with what I can only call my inner guidance or maybe soul. Externally my body was shaking almost to the point of convulsion just due to the level of malevolence I was feeling from these entities. Their intention has never been anything good for humanity, and I don’t think that will change. My body was cold, almost freezing; my discomfort was palpable. I began sobbing from the level of pain I witnessed them inflicting on humanity. I didn’t want to see it anymore. If everything had stopped at that moment, I would have been grateful. But the voice that was guiding me through all of this told me I must go deeper; I have to see the root of it all. Moving deeper into the darkness, terror held me, much so that I began doing the only thing I know how, when all seem and feel hopeless, I began to pray. I prayed out loud calling to the source (God), to my ancestors for protection to help me fight this evil presence that I was feeling and that had gripped humanity by the throat. At this point, I believe my protective guidance took control because I started praying to the names of angels, beings, ancestors, group of consciousnesses that I had no awareness of. All the while, my internal guidance was telling kept repeating, “you must go deeper, you must learn the truth,” the voice said.

There has been a galactic war for a long time, and our world is part of it. When the dark alien entities came to our world, they destroyed the old God’s and Goddesses and impersonated some of them. One god that I saw them take on board a space ship and began imitating is Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, creation, and time. There seems to be a multitude of these beings that are kind of like the axis powers during WWII. What is also clear to me are these groups of alien entities are responsible for the majority of wars, bickering, and the seeming inability of humanity to coexists. There’s just so much they control, so much that in our wildest imagination, we wouldn’t even consider as manipulation or control by an external force. Another thing made to clear to me is that the Egyptians were part of the galactic war at some stage. I saw Egyptian ships fighting in space as part of an alliance.

Indeed the rabbit hole went far and wide; there are many pieces shown that I can’t speak about because I am still deconstructing it myself. With everything I was seeing and experiencing being as potent as ever, I continued to pray. When I couldn’t fight the darkness anymore or hold back what seemed to be an immeasurable force of evil/darkness wanting to overtake me, something shifted that reminded me of love. Love was the answer that I forgot to explore. No matter what I was going through and experiencing, I was told not to fight it but instead love it because the energy of love will dissipate any darkness. As I began to go deeper into my heart and use love, my visions shifted. I started experiencing the light, and the benevolent beings that support us and fight for us daily. It was also clear to me that there is an alliance and or resistance of humans and nonhumans that are working to stop this take over by the malevolent ET’S. There are more things that I experienced; I met the Egyptian God Thot who guided me through the experience, I went into the sacred heart of GOD, convened with the galactic council of light, and the Elohim. But of course, these are topics of exploration for another time.