Ayahuasca My First Experience

This blog post was written two years ago when I went on a Shamanic trip to Peru. I have battled back and forth with myself about posting this. Ultimately my inner guidance won, and I agreed to share the experience. It is my hope and intention that you receive something positive from my experience.

It was the evening of my second night in Peru, and my day was filled with meditation in my hut, getting to know new friends, writing, and overall enjoying my new environment. The forest is continuously gleaming with life, both physical and non- physical. I remember feeling different energies in the forest overnight, so I didn’t sleep too well. I guess I rested as well as one can expect for being in the pitch-dark rainforest. The first Ayahuasca ceremony was getting near, and some people were anxious, others didn’t know what to expect. I promised myself one thing; I was not going to let anxiety, fear, or expectations dictate my experience or the outcome. The hut where we gathered for the ceremony was moderately sized yet simple with twelve participants, including teachers and facilitators. Entering the ceremonial space, I had a feeling that something sacred was at work. The feeling gave me a sense that the night was going to be magical. I picked out a section and made my way over to my corner of the room. The atmosphere was quiet yet electric as if something greater than us was present. Everyone was sitting skillfully still, meditating, and preparing for the ceremony to begin.

 We were called one by one to approach Don Lucho (the Shaman), to take our Ayahuasca brew. I made my way over to Don Lucho and took a small cup of Ayahuasca. The taste of the mixture was disgusting; I don’t think I could ever get used to it. Let’s just say; the taste leaves much to be desired. After taking the brew, I just sat there because I thought we were supposed to stay there until it kicked in then the facilitator called my name to move on. Back on my mat, I was still trying to get over the taste of the brew. About fifteen or so minutes went by, and everyone finished their blend. The Shaman then came over and blessed everyone individually with Tobacco smoke and cleanse our energy with what looked like some local leaves from the forest. On a side note, Tobacco is known as the father of all plants in the Amazon, so it’s importance in ritual and ceremony is quite significant.

After the blessing, I started getting light-headed, dizzy, and nauseous. Others began vomiting, which made my nausea worse. I was in the beginning stages of vomiting, after purging the first time I saw a picture of the American flag and thought to myself, “why do I see the American flag”? While I was purging, the Shaman began singing the ritual Ayahuasca songs. The Peruvians believe it is the song is that activates the frequency for Ayahuasca to bring the visions. I could feel the vibrations, sounds, and notes of the music hitting my skin. All this seemed to coincide and enable the consciousness of Ayahuasca.

 Immediately after my last round of purging, I became immediately weak, my body felt heavy, and the room began to disappear. I noticed myself blacking out. I tried my hardest to stop it, but everything I tried led to the inevitable. Mandalas and geometrical shapes began appearing before me, and my consciousness kept going deeper into the center of the mandalas. I felt myself traveling across what seems like lines of grids that form our reality. Pictures of pasts lives were moving across the screen of my consciousness, as I got closer to the pictures, I saw a shadowy group of old powerful white men in military uniforms that were behind the scenes of everything that seems to happen in the world.

 I was a soldier who worked my way up and joined the rank of these powerful men. I felt like I was on an episode of X-Files, watching influential people playing a game of chess with human lives. The information I was getting stated I was part of this group and helped to create this group in my past life. This shadow group was responsible for wars, atrocities, massacres, and countless deaths. I saw that they came to power after world war II and infiltrated the US government. As the vision continued, I realized that these men were Nazis; their goal is world domination alongside a strict militaristic rule. While I was experiencing this in my consciousness, my mind could hardly or did not want to believe what I saw because this was a conspiracy. And a conspiracy of this magnitude seemed ludicrous to me. I was in complete shock; my body was cold. I felt the presence of darkness and evil. The visions were so severe for me that I did not want to see any more. My body was trembling; I felt a bit hopeless because I was now seeing millions, hundreds of millions of lives that were being manipulated, lost, and taken all for the self-servitude of a particular group of people. What made matters worse is that this group of power-hungry men were only mere puppets. The real players behind them weren’t even human. The forces behind the men of power were humanoid reptilian figures with glowing yellowish-green eyes that were wearing Nazi uniforms. At this point am not sure how deep the rabbit hole went and didn’t know if the shadowy men even knew just how much they were being manipulated and controlled by these entities.  As the reader you are probably like, this guy is nuts, there’s just no way, he’s had a bad high. I have had enough experience and training in consciousness and spirituality to know the difference between when my mind is making something up and actual reality, whether in the past or present. The visions and ayahuasca state lasted for about 3 hours or so. It was intense. After all that purging, I now see why the strict diet was necessary. I woke up the next morning feeling tired, a bit groggy, and having mixed emotions about my role in the government conspiracy I was a part of in that past life. All I know is that everything I was being shown was real and has some significance in my present life. Regardless of how I felt, I was ready for the next ceremony. Part of me wants to see something different in the ritual to come, but part of me wants to see the story continue from the previous night. Check out part II of the story