My grandmother had this saying “A hundred years is not forever.” When things get complicated, challenging, and adversity rears its ugly head; I somehow remember her wise words. Life is hard, and things can become involved, challenging, heavy, and seemingly impossible to deal with. When that happens, remember, “a hundred years is not forever.” It was my grandmother’s way of saying, “this too shall pass.” The difficult moments we experience in life are only a drop in the ocean of experiences. What is the moment trying to teach you, and how can you meet it in a more elevated way?

Now am not sure where my grandmother got this quote from or if it’s originally hers, but I know every time I am going through some rough stages of my life, I look back at my memory of her saying, “a hundred years is not forever”. It helps me reevaluate, breathe, and shift my perspective a bit because sometimes, as humans, all we need is to JUST BREATHE. It’s one of the hardest things to do when the chaos of life descends upon us like a roaring tornado in Kansas, but the more we practice breathing, the easier it becomes to do. I would never have imagined that I would be sharing my grandmother’s favorite saying with the world. I can only imagine the moments in life where she had to draw on her own words for strength to move through circumstances and life’s hurdles while mustering as much grace of spirit as she could.

Writing this post, I think back on my own experiences of the past couple of weeks; life has been challenging, and time has been scarce. I’ve been stressing myself out about meeting my deadline to post and having something to write about because I didn’t have a previous post to put on the blog. But the moment I put my fingers on the keyboards, my heart and mind sang, and the words flowed like a calm river. Life is full of these moments where we lose our mastery and allow our thoughts of what needs to be done to stress us the hell out. During those moments, I remember that “a hundred years is not forever” and whatever I am facing is only a moment in time. I control how I experience it and the emotions I choose to have and give the experience at the moment.

We are emotional beings with a short memory, and we allow this short memory to dictate our experiences through life often. But today, we must not forget that we are not in it alone. Many unseen forces are here to help us along in each moment and every day. When we choose to interact and engage with those guides, ancestral, and heavenly forces daily, it is easier for us to remember that “a hundred years is not forever”.